Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Sunday, January 27, 2013

This is the End.

            Today, the masts are being painted, as well as the sails being attached.  One of the boats is being prepared to go outside and be sanded. It is being vacuumed and cleaned. This boat already has the seat secured in it, as well as the knees in each corner. The other boat is also being cleaned out and vacuumed. We are taking measurements to cut the sides of the boat, so we can place the seat in the side of boat, instead of on top. The knees are being measured and placed into the second boat. Sarah ~

            The boats are on their way to completion. The first boat is almost ready to be sanded outside. Right now, it is being vacuumed and cleaned along with the other boat. That boat is a little behind, but we are taking measurements to try and dig the seat into the side of the boat. Also, we are making more Epoxy for the boat. Today, the masts and sails are going to be painted. Abby ~

I’d rather finish the boat than blog today.  - Jory 1/24/13


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