Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Friday, January 18, 2013

The jig and the boat part ways.

Let us remember this as a landmark in our project…

As the snow melts, and this obnoxiously warm mid January Thursday commences, the troops make their way down to the workshop. 

We are happy to report that the epoxy did its job overnight and the bottoms of the boats are now in place. We removed all the screws that were holding the bottom to the jig and sanded down the edges. After this we flipped the vessel right side up and detached the jig. Let us remember this as a landmark in our project. We now have a stand-alone boat as we move toward the final phase of the project. We are all very excited to see the boat, especially the students who thought that the jig was the boat. 

We are now cleaning up shop for lunch, and will return at 12:30. After lunch, we started to apply fiberglass to the boat, and worked on separate projects for the different parts of the boat. The boats look great and one can only see smiles on this group of youngsters. You stay classy Brooks School, and well see you tomorrow!!!

Cpt. Willie Platt

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