Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 5 The Prams Take Shape

We started off the day by finishing up the jigs. The first step was making the notches big enough for the stringers to fit and then we finished aligning the notches on all of the jigs. After the jigs were completed, we had to tape all of the edges because when we use the epoxy to put the boat together, we don’t want the boat to be stuck to the jigs. After the edges were taped, we screwed the stringers down to the jigs. We had issues with the wood splitting while we were bending the stringers to fit into the notches in the jigs but we repaired the split wood with glue. After lunch, we began to sand down the bow and stern jigs in order to prepare for using epoxy to glue the boats stern and bow pieces onto the stringers. The reason we sanded down the bow and stern jigs is because when we use the epoxy to put on the stern and bow pieces, we don't want them to be stuck together.

Eliot Heher 

Tyler praying to the plastic tape god. We use the tape to ward off epoxy run-off.

Bending the stringers in place.  Only a few broke.

Screwing the stringers into place is a bit nervewracking as they can break under the stress.

Today we described to Graham what we have done so far on the jigs. We began to put the 1x6 and the 1x2 stringers across the frame. We also traced out the transom and began to trace out the top of the stern. One group made 2x2 ½ strips. The stringers have been drilled into the frames. We also laid out a rudder on scarp wood.  Sarah and I cut out the rudder using the band saw, which was not easy but fun to do.

Abby Hammerl

Sarah, who is battling the flu and strep, takes aim on the band saw and creates a nice rudder template.

Jackie and Theo draw out the side panels.
Sarah's concentration is intense and the work is of the highest quality, mostly.

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