Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 9. Midway. Bottoms on and Spars Begin

Nick using the power planer.
Mr. Saunders is quality control
The spar starts to take shape.

Epoxy twins

            Today our goal was to glue on the bottoms of the boat, but needs a lot of preparation to achieve the goal of the day. We began by splitting the fewer number of boat builders with Eliot and Ravi grinding down the jigs on Boat X. As for the “Reef Runner”, the other boat, they are very close to having their bottom epoxied to it.

With the bottoms glued to the frame these things are starting to look more and more like boats.  With this is mind the rest of the class is working on making the spars for the masts, which surprisingly looks like a long process.

Quality control by Andrew

Kimball#2 and I started to round the edges of the spar.  I can only imagine what it is going to look like when it is complete. The hard work from these past few days has definitely shown us we can get this done.  Nick Vas

At last bottoms on!

First attempt. It's upside down!

A special visit from Marie Ranfos.
There we go.  Nice work Ravi and Eliot.
Reporting From BBN (Brooks Broadcasting Network), the Boat Building Group is in for another treacherous day of work. Splinters in fingers, dust in eyes, and Jackie causing accidents on Great Pond Road, Brooks is battling the weather conditions that Mother Nature presented them. With snow falling from the sky, most members arrived on time. With Dickie overalls and plaid flannels Brooks Boat Builders are ready to work. The first task that presented was evening out the sides of the Optimus Primes. With few malfunctions, Here I am Elliot, JorLAX Makin, T Brittle Britt, and me sanded and planed down the sides to create a parallel line from side to side. Meanwhile, the rest of the group created spares for the boat. Working with difficult math ranging from addition to division, Kimball numero dos, William Platt, Nick Vas, Theo P, and Caroline Burke created the perfect spare, carefully utilizing the tools, crafting them to perfection. Next, the group featuring JorLAX Makin and T Brittle Britt began apply the epoxy, which would then be followed in by delicately placing the bottom of the boat in position
Everyone working!  A nice snowy day to be inside.

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