Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 11 More Glassing

Important calculating going on.
When we entered the class we got right to work.  We put a coat of the epoxy over the fiber glass to create a hard exterior for the boat.  This was a process that required a whole team.  We mixed a batch with 50% epoxy and 50% hardener.  We then applied this to the fiberglass that was spread out across the boat.  This mixture had to be very carefully and evenly spread out across the boat in a clear coat. It takes roughly 2 hours for the epoxy to dry.  Since the room is hot, it dries quicker than it would in colder conditions. Jackie ~

After the epoxy dried on the “Reef Runner” the other half of the class slathered the substance onto the “X”.  Once the epoxy is added to the fiberglass a hard covering is created.  A few touch ups were performed to the boats, but my main project of the day was making the centerboard.  Jackie and I measure the centerboard in a rectangle according to the plan.  It was 42 inches long and 11 ½ inches wide.  From there we had to measure strips of mahogany an inch wide to place at the top of the two boards.  We had to round out the centerboard pieces for the boats.  There were many other projects going on as well, but there’s still a lot to do!

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