Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 7 and 8 Wood Turning and Spars

This Morning Ryan and I went with Mr. Grant to the lumberyard to pick up more wood and brushes to apply the epoxy. While we were out Mr. Saunders, Andrew, and Nick began cutting out pieces of marine plywood for the bottom of the boat. Meanwhile Graham, Abby, and Sarah were using the router to cut down the sides of the boat and also using planes to shave down the sides so we can begin to apply more epoxy. Jory, Tyler, Eliot, and Ravi were finishing up the first round of epoxy application. After an extensive morning of cutting, gluing, and cleaning we went off to lunch.

Epoxy and cancer dust as Graham likes to call it.
Don't worry we're using breathers.

More rudder action.
An inverted belt sander.  Improv style.
Sometimes a good knee is the best clamp!

Theo, Mr. Grant, and I took another trip to Jackson Lumberyard in Lawrence this morning. We bought 2 2x2x12 pieces of wood and other tools we needed like paintbrushes and screws. When we returned to school, the sides of the boat were cut down and finished and Tyler and Jory were applying the epoxy to the other side of the boat. Tomorrow when the epoxy dries we will use the router again to cut down that side. The next step in this boat building process is to cut out the bottom of the boat so after taking measurements, Andrew used the skill saw to cut it out. When we returned from lunch, the rutters were cut out and Nick spent the afternoon sanding it with the power sander. Outside on the big boat, we vacuumed the inside and began working on putting in the centerpiece. We got a lot done today and we are all looking forward to tomorrow.

Ryan Miles

Vas free-hands the belt sander.

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