Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day Two and Three Lowell's Boat Shop and Jackson Lumber

Lowell's Boat Shop ~ Amesbury, MA
On the Merrimack River
Lowell's Boat Shop

Graham McKay, Shipwright

The Boat Building Class 2012 (The Wrecking Crew)

Student Journal 

Following our visit to Lowell's Boat Shop on Saturday morning, we met for class in the workshop on this glorious Monday morning. To start class, we started looking at the plans for our boats. Graham translated the seemingly foreign language that was displayed on the board, and we started to understand how to read the measurements. At 10:00 am we packed into the minibus, and Mr. Grant lifted the school super duty pick-up truck. 

Our expedition brought us to Jackson Lumber Yard in Lawrence, where we found all the necessary supplies for our project. Ryan Miles handled the supply list, and soon enough we were picking out various sizes and types of wood from the warehouse. Once the wood was loaded into the truck, we voyaged back to the workshop and commenced the building of our vessels. With the class split in half, the competition begins to construct the best Optimist. Checking out for lunch for now but we will return later this afternoon!

After digesting some nice and healthy foot-longs, our class made its way back to the workshop and started the construction. We grabbed our trusty goggles and went to town on some wood. We started by cutting the outline of the bow and stern out of the plywood and then built the base of the boat.

Willie Platt

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