Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 9 Back at the BSBS

Day 9 Back at Stevens House.

Today we began to work on three different aspects of the boat: the cockpit, the bowsprit and continued work on the spars.

We split up in to three groups and were each assigned a different task. Group one is working on rounding off the 4.5 x5 inch block of wood that we epoxyed a few days ago into the mast. They also cut pieces of wood outside with the table saw that will later become the gaff and the bowsprit. Group number two is working on the cockpit installation. This group is working on constructing the deck that will cover the front and a some of the back as well as cover 11 inches along the middle and leave 26 inches for sitting and moving space. The spars are currently 10 feet long but we need them to be 10.5 feet long so we need to make that happen somehow so that we can finish the spar.

Marty and Peter are building a model of the boat we are going to create so we can get a gist of what it would look like.  Downstairs in the “dungeon,” Sawyer and Connor with the help of Alesandra and Andres flicked a long piece of string against wood so it marked a straight line.
There are many types of work to be done.
Our Blogger for the day
With so little snow how could we say no?
More talking

Bella marks the boom for cutting

Ripping the boom.
The Last Sawhorse

Tommy time

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