Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 15 the deck is on, the mast is round, mostly.

Day 15 
Rounding the boom

As we are reaching the end of j-term, we are working harder than ever.  Today we went all out, and in the end it paid off. The dungeon boys finished the main mast and continued their progress on redoing the bowsprit after their first failed attempt at making one.

On the boat, Tommy leads Cole and Clayton (the “Hobbits”) as they installed the whole deck in one day. The deck is made out of plywood and is nailed to the deck braces and beams we had installed earlier on.

Floor boards by Wagner
After the deck was installed and cut to the perfect size the boat looked ready for the water.  It was amazing to see how much we had accomplished as a, “family.” 

Unfortunately we are not finished with our masterpiece. We still have to install the floor and the bilge of the cockpit as well as fiberglass the topsides and make the rudder and centerboard. We will continue work at double speed and hope we will be able to accomplish our goals in the limited time we have.  - Alesandra

Nice enough to work outside.

The take over is complete!

What's on your mind Connor?

Henry's happy dance!

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