Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 6

Pauline Paints While Bella supervises.
Connor epoxies the spar
Emily paints along side the freshmen wrecking crew.
Today was a very productive day. We were able to make a brace for the bow, take some measurements to visualize how the mast step will look, and place a few deck beams in that will eventually become the support for the mast. At the front of the boat, the bow is very narrow, therefore making it very delicate. For this reason, we had to create a brace for it. Graham simply explained that using a 1x4 trapezoid would do the job. Moving down the ship, the mast step comes next. Our boat is slightly smaller than it average size, so the measurements had to be adjusted. Inching back and forth, we were able to come up with an accurate location. Our next step was to place the deck beams in that would come to support the mast at the correct angle. This too took a lot of inching back and forth, but we were able to figure it out. When it came to building the deck beams, which was a very difficult task, Tommy Mumford was our expert. With a few men at his side, he successfully created two very important deck beams. Many small task were also accomplished throughout today that will only get us further on accomplishing our goal, and we are all looking forward to the next couple weeks! - Bella

A master craftsmen.

The Spar
Today was another phenomenal day at the boat shop. Down in the basement, one of the groups worked on epoxying the 3 mast pieces together and made sure they stuck together with a plethora of clamps. Meanwhile upstairs the remaining members worked on the deck beams and finished painting the inside of the boat. After returning from a well-deserved lunch break, Mr. Grant showed us how to engrave wood with a router. We will eventually put those skills to use in order to make the name plate for the boat. Finally, to end the day, we met in the auditorium to watch Master and Commander, a movie about British & French ship battles. It was a great way to end the day. - Connor

No caption necessary.

Routing out signs, E M I L I E

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  1. Quiz Time!

    Another name for a deck brace is ....

    Two cannons aboard HMS Surprise were shown firing in Master and Commander. They each had a name emblazoned upon them. What were the names?

    The French frigate that they engaged in battle was named Acheron, after a river. Where is that river?