Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 12 Still at it!

Clayton knows what to do.
Today we were able accomplish many things in all different parts of the house. 

Alesandra and Bella continued to work on their model of a Dinghy. They finished up by gluing a few more pieces on and creating the oars. The girls really wanted to make it their own and decided to paint it, Brooks colors of course. 

Marty, however, decided to take a break from his model of the Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack and join some others in the garage. With many people piled in the boat, they finished up securing the supports, which would eventually lead to bolting in the side deck beams. Henry, with crafty hands, was able to chisel a bay for the soul brace to sit. Overall, the boat continues to progress keeping everybody engaged.

Meanwhile, down in the dungeon, Sawyer and Connor continued their hard work on the main spar, the mast. Their job today was to make sure the entire length was squared off; this meaning that all sides are even size. Once squared the boys used the router to begin beveling the edges in order to start the process of rounding the wood so that one day the ship may take sail.

Marty supervises

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