Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 7 At the Shop

Miter Saw in Action

 Today was a very productive day in the boat shop. In the morning some of the group members left with Mr. Grant to the lumberyard to get wood so we can begin making the boom and gaff. Meanwhile, the rest of us were working on the fitting the last deck brace and installing additional sole braces, with the help of Mr. Grant and Mr. Haile. The previous deck brace had not fit properly because the camber did not sit flush with the sides of the boat. After realizing our mistake, Tommy, Andres, and I were able to come up with a more accurate and effective way to measure the angles needed to cut the notches out of the deck brace. This method proved useful and was used again to fit the final deck brace. The final deck brace was low on one end by ¾ of an inch, so Mr. Grant suggested we cut a piece of wood 4 inches long and ¾ inches high and drill it into the inner side rail of the boat. With that block of wood in place, we centered the deck brace on top of it and anchored it to the piece of wood and the side rail with a single screw.  -Sawyer Rogers
Eye of perfection
Sanding to perfection

Fitting the sole brace.
Bella uses a chisel

In class today we accomplished exactly what was needed to be done. We had great teamwork as always and everyone was very persistent. As usual we split up into two groups. The group upstairs, working on the boat was using the saws and sander to get perfect angles. We were cutting pieces of wood that would support the sole plate. It took us a long time to get the right measurements that would fit the curve of that boat. When we finally achieved our goal, we were ready to bolt it in. While all of this was going on, Tommy Mumford, Sawyer Rogers and Andres Herrera were busy building the last two deck beams for the stern of the boat. Downstairs some of the boys worked on scarfing timbers for the boom and gaff and put in a lot of time and effort to try and get it done. Over all it was a very successful day and we are one step closer to reaching our goal. 
There's a lot of talking involved.
~ Pauline 

More talking.

Tommy custom cuts a aft deck barce.

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