Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 3

This was our first big day dedicated to working in the shop. We started the day off with a talk about joinery and fasteners. We learned about the different metals used to make nails and screws and for what they’re used. We also learned a bit about end grain and cross grain in wood. 

After that we split up into our groups and went about our assignments; one group went with Mr. Grant to the lumber mill to purchase spruce boards to make our mast out of. Another finished up their saw horses while the last group worked with Graham on the mast step (it's what the mast sits on) and deck braces. 

Outside the 16-foot 2x12's were ripped into 2 x 5 pieces. Tomorrow evening we will glue 3 of these together to make a 5x5-inch square mast, which we will round later.

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