Brooks Wooden Boat Course

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 14 On the home stretch!

Marty adds planks to his boat
It was yet another glorious day in the books. 

While the less skilled builders are constructing the planks designed for the deck of the boat, Marty and myself meticulously handcraft an authentic model boat, identical to the life size Lobster Smack. Though a model is believed to be easier to construct than the original, it is in fact far more tedious. Each delicate piece must be aligned perfectly or the boat will not fit together. This requires steady fingers and incredible patience. Marty and I will continue the project until finished.
The return of Peter 
Henry with the hand plane

Bella and Alesandra decided to put down the brooms and trash bags to make a wooden Brooks shield in honor of Graham.   They appear to be making progress with fantastic results.

In the basement, Connor, Sawyer and John relentlessly shave away at the mass with the hand plane. The quality of their work is enviable.
Graham and his big chisel

Working on the Bowsprit support
Clamps, Clamps and more clamps.
Widening the rudder post opening.
Here at the boat-building center, slacking off is a rarity. Each and every member has a responsibility to fulfill his/her obligation, nothing short of perfection. Thank you for reading.
Connor brings the spar into round

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